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Dörr-Tiralbit E-ALGV-5K

Elastomer bitumen sheet with fiber reinforced glass fleece and polyester-aluminumlaminate reinvorcement in a thickness of 5 mm.


Elastomer bitumen is highly elastic ("rubbery") and thereby remains flexible even at low temperatures.
The aluminumlaminate reinvorcement has a very high vapor barrier value (sd-value approx 1.500 m).


The surface texture upside has fine granule and the downside is foil-laminated.

The bonding is done by means of torching or welding procedure.



Dörr-Tiralbit E-ALGV-5K is used as a vapor barrier sheet mainly for flat roof constructions (Warm-, Duo Roof) and as temporary construction waterproofing.

  • Coating

    Elastomer bitumen
  • Reinforcement

    Fiber reinforced glass fleece + polyester-aluminumlaminate
  • Surface texture upside

    Fine granule
  • Surface texture downside

  • Thickness

    5.0 mm
  • Width/length of the sheet

    1 x 7.5 m = 7.5 m²

Fields of Application

- Vapor barrier sheet
   (temporary construction