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Dörrkuplast® P-KV-5K

Plastomer bitumen sheet with synthetic fleece with a thickness of 5 mm.


Plastomer bitumen is highly thermoplastic ("smooth") and thereby remains flexible even at high temperatures.
The synthetic fleece reinforcement is particularly durable, has excellent tensile strength and is resistant to static and dynamic stresses.


The surface texture upside has fine granule and the downside is foil-laminated.
The bonding is done by means of torching or welding procedure.



Dörrkuplast® P-KV-5K is used as a bitumen waterproofing sheet for flat roofs as top layer with load, as intermediate layer or as as damp proof and basement tanking sheet.

  • Coating

    Plastomer bitumen
  • Reinforcement

    Synthetic fleece
  • Surface texture upside

    Fine granule
  • Surface texture downside

  • Thickness

    5.0 mm
  • Width/length of the sheet

    1 x 7.5 m = 7.5 m²
  • P-KV-5 according to ÖNORM

    B 3660, B 3665, B 3669

Fields of application

- Flat Roof
   Intermediate- and top layer sheet
   with load 

- Building Systems