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Bitumen waterproofing sheets in pitched roofs are used as top layer sheet (classical roofing) or in the sub-Roof.


Bitumen-Roof Covering: 

As a classical roofing (bituminous roofing) with bituminous membranes, unlike other roofing materials guaranties  a 100% waterproof surface as well as a robust and against all weather (heavy rain, hail etc.) stable surface layer. True to the motto "what seals perfectly the flat roof is also first choice in a pitched roof " – technical advanced and diverse (different colors) range of products are available.


Bitumen-Sub Roof:
Classical roof tile or metal roofing are no sealing layers. Therefore, should under such coverings an additional sub-roof be provided. The sub-roof protects the adjoining rooms from water inlets and derives penetrating rainwater securely. Due to its particularly favorable technical performance bitumen sub-roof sheets are used.

Bitumen-Roof Covering
Tirol-Color® Premium

TC Premium Sparkling sheet  is a particularly high quality and technical innovative roof cover which completes the known and proven TC Classic program. Premium quality with a brilliancy anthracite granule, relieved foil-laminated edge trim, robust and high-quality pitched roof recipe.

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Bitumen-Roof Covering
Tirol-Color® Classic

TC Classic is a durable, colorful bitumen waterproofing top layer sheet for the highest standards in all roof areas and roof pitches from 2%. Six different shades to choose from - guaranty that any architectural requirement is achieved.



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Bitumen-Sub Roof

Bituminous sub-layers for increased rain-proof or rain-proof sub roofs, according to ÖNORM B 4119 - on wooden surfaces using bricks, metal and bitumen roofs.





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