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Here is the selection of waterproofing-systems from Bitbau DÖRR:

Flat Roof Systems

The flat roof provides a variety of uses in contrast to the pitched roof. From a classic unused roof (with or without gravel) which is only used for maintenance purposes - to used roof areas such as terraces, green roofs, parking levels.

Similarly, flat-roof renovation options are proposed.





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Pitched Roof Systems

A classical roof covering (bituminous roof membrane) with bituminous membranes, unlike other roofing materials are 100% waterproof.


Since classical roof tiles  or metal roof covers are no sealing layers, shall under such covering an additional sub-roof (sealing level) be provided.




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Civil Engineering Systems

In addition to the proven application of bituminous waterproofing solutions in bridge constructions these solutions are also popular for underground car parks where asphalt layers directly lay on top. For tunnel types that have an open covering (sealing of the tunnel tray) this sealing solutions are used as well.


In all these cases: the buildings are protected permanently and efficiently from damage due to moisture.


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Building Systems

The ground contact areas of a building are being used more frequently for living. In order for these areas that are in contact with the ground to being used, these components (wall, floor) must be sealed and thermally insulated.


Here are possible solutions shown for permanent waterproofing in all loading cases (soil moisture, non-pressing and pressing water).


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