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The demands that are placed on bridge waterproofing with bituminous membranes differ in some respects from those of roofing membranes. The essential guidelines are set by the rules and regulation of the Road Administration (RVS) which define its high standard.
The smooth composite of bituminous roofing sheets with the bridge structure is produced by a primer (epoxy products) and a full-faced 1st waterproofing layer. Different pavement layers are used in bridges: such as asphalt surfaces, concrete layers as well as green areas for green bridges.

Concrete Bridge with Rolled Asphalt

Rolled asphalt as a widespread scale layer in road construction is often used in concrete bridge surfaces. Ideally, a cover layer and asphalt protection is applied.


Special bituminous sealing materials guarantee the temperature stability during installation of rolling asphalt, where temperatures of up to 160 ° C impinge.


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Concrete Bridge with Green Areas

Green bridges become more important in transportation infrastructures. The reasons for that is its protection against noise and deer crossing.

Bituminous roofing sheets protect the structure of the building of green bridges and beside the waterproofing function, a root-resistant waterproofing sheet is necessary.



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Concrete Bridge with Mastic Asphalt

Mastic asphalt concrete surfaces is a popular, useful covering layer and constitutes a sealing layer . Thus, water is drained quickly and safely.
Special bituminous sealing materials guarantee the temperature stability during installation of the mastic asphalt, where temperatures of up to 250 ° C impinge.



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Wooden Bridge with Asphalt

Timber has through its advantages (such as high degree of prefabrication, lightweight construction) enormous potential. Also in bridge constructions notable projects were realized.

Especially the timber construction of a bridge structure must be protected from moisture and bitumen waterproofing sheets have proved to be suitable.


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Concrete Bridge with Protected Concrete

For concrete surfaces such as a concrete bridges you have a variety of design options (railway construction).

Between protected concrete and waterproofing sheet are drain and overlays to be installed so that water is derived safely and common shrinkage and creep processes are collected within the concrete layer.




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