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The flat roof provides a variety of uses:


The roof in the form of a flat roof enjoys enormous popularity because there are no limits to building forms.

Straight modern architecture sets standards in the design of buildings. This is expressed particularly strong in flat roofs.


The option to use a flat roof are wide-ranging.


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Parking Level

Permanent parking space shortage is very pronounced in urban areas. A parking level is a building fit for traffic (garage, basement garage) and allows space-saving parking of vehicles or other transport above the other in several floors.


Therefore, the pavement (asphalt, concrete, etc.) and the seal must be perfectly coordinated.


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Modern real estate both in urban areas and in rural areas prefer living concepts, in which the interior life merges fluently into the open air.

The often limited space around the living spaces inhibits the implementation of green areas, which is why terraces occupy a correspondingly greater importance in modern housing projects.


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During the renovation of flat roofs in particular the building physics function, a gradient, a sufficiently dimensioned roof drainage and the position permanence of the existing roof layers must be checked.

Only when these conditions are present, only than exists the possibility that the stockpiling has not to be removed and other new layers are constructed.


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Green Roof

Increasing soil sealing takes biologically active flora and fauna any livelihood, which has a proven negativ impact on the climate. The goal of future- and ecologically-oriented architecture should be to regain overbuilt areas back to green spaces.

Thereby is the green roof, in extensive or in intensive design a proven and simple flat roof construction.


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