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Since flat roofs require a waterproof roof sealing, the other layers as insulation, vapor barrier, etc. must be perfectly coordinated.

Bitbau DÖRR not only offers flat-roof systems which are in accordance with current regulations (ÖNORMEN), but also tested countless decades of practicality.

Inverted Roof

In this type of roof construction is the roof sealing below the insulation and is well protected from all external influences. This circumstance has a positive effect on the aging behavior and thus on the life expectancy of the waterproofing sheet.


The insulation has to withstand rain, snow and other wet weather. Therefore, XPS insulations are suitable due to their closed cell structure. In addition to their resistance to moisture are RAVATHERM XPS 300 SL | X 300 SL insulations are insulating and pressure-resistant.







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Inverted Roof 2ply

In Austria the 2ply installation of XPS insulation for inverted roofs is recognized in the Austrian regulations (ÖNORMEN)only for energy renovations. That means in new building constructions this form of application solution is based on the general building permit approval in Austria. The basics of the BTZ have to be considered.


If the conditions allow it the benefits of an inverted roof construction outweigh. Moreover, at the present-day requirements of thermal insulation (passive house) are also met.







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Duo Roof

Is a combination of a warm and inverted roofs, where both advantages are combined. The breakdown of the insulation layers should be carefully considered because if the XPS insulation (RAVATHERM XPS X 300 SL) is much thicker, the roofing in relation to external influences is better protected.


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Warm Roof with Gravel │ without Gravel

The waterproofing membrane protects the thermal insulation while an underlying vapor barrier sheet governs the building physical balance. In order that the waterproofing membrane sustains these influences as long as possible and thus reaches an above average service life, bitumen sheets in "premium" quality are advantageous.


PUR / PIR insulation systems have a particularly good insulation value, therefore thinner insulation thicknesses is often enough to meet the heat protection standards. A sophisticated gradient insulation system enables the production of the slope in the insulation layer and not in the supporting structure. This saves valuable space and time.



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